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Friday 22nd September


Please find some optional homework activities below. There is no expectation to return completed homework to school, or to complete any or all of the activities.


In our first weeks in Year 2 we have been warming up our maths skills by practising Place Value. Watch the clip below to recap on some of our learning. 


There are three sets of questions on place value - you may like to try one or more of these. Choose your level of challenge and have fun!


We have also been practising counting objects by grouping them in twos, fives or tens. Look at the powerpoint to see how to do this, then try counting objects in the house or garden (counters, leaves, sticks etc would be ideal.)



How to count objects by grouping them in twos, fives and tens.

Languages, Literacy and Communication


Please continue to read with your child. We are encouraging the children to bring in their reading books when they have finished them and to change these during the day (there are several prompts to remind your child to do this.)


We have been learning about punctuation during our first weeks in Year 2. Please help your child to notice full stops and capital letters as they are reading. These tell us  when to pause or take a breath when we read aloud.


Your child might like to practise writing sentences about the book they have read, using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks.