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School Meals

School Meals

School Meals are cooked in our kitchen by Cardiff County Catering staff and served in our large canteen.

We serve a balanced 2 course meal and a cold drink for just £2.50! All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are able to have school meals for free. This is funded by the Welsh government, who plan to provide free school meals for all primary age children in time.

Menus operate on a three week cycle to ensure that children receive a varied diet, and there is a vegetarian choice available each day. Meals must be pre-ordered and paid for using ParentPay. Please contact our office staff if you have any queries about using this system.

10 reasons why your child should eat with us
1) Extra fruit is provided with each primary school lunch

2) Extra bread is available, adding valuable carbohydrates for hungry children

3) Processed foods and 'shapes' are gradually being phased out and replaced with high quality natural food items

4) Mechanically Reclaimed Meat (MRM) is not present in any product, and we reject problem preservatives, colourants and Genetically Modified foods

5) Home cooking features strongly on the menu with many dishes containing 'hidden' vegetables

6) Recipes have been adapted to reduce the fat and sugar content whilst still appealing to children

7) National Nutritional Guidelines are followed ensuring healthy cooking methods; we oven bake rather than fry. Chips are available only once a week and there is always an alternative

8) Local health groups and dieticians are working closely with us, and we are involved with Healthy Schools Network aiming for the 'whole school approach' to health and nutrition

9) Sandwiches, rolls and salads feature on our summer menu as many children and parents opt for a lighter meal during the warmer weather and they are popular with children. They feature alongside a popular hot meal option to ensure that a balanced choice is available

10)We aim to make sure that eating together is fun. Apart from improving children's concentration and spirits by having a meal which is nutritious and satisfying, eating a meal with friends is a good social activity and also teaches the importance of food as a fuel for the body