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Easter update




We hope you and your family are all well.


Many thanks for all of your lovely photos and emails. It has been so nice to see how busy everyone has been over the last few weeks. We are so proud of you all. Your photos have put huge smiles on all our faces. Keep it up everyone!


As strange as it may be, now would be the start of the official Easter holiday for school staff and children. It is important children, teachers and parents have a break from distance learning and can relax a bit. We have all been through a lot of changes recently and need time to relax and enjoy some Easter activities with our families. Below are a few OPTIONAL Easter activities for you to complete over the next two weeks but only if you wish.


You can still email us any photos or videos of what you have been up to during the Easter holiday. We will aim to acknowledge your email if possible but please note we won't officially be back online or set further tasks until Monday 20th April. Don’t forget there is a link near the bottom of this page for a whole bank of distance learning resources. We are constantly adding to this and have recently uploaded a whole range of Easter themed activities.


Have a lovely Easter!


Take care & stay safe everyone.


Many thanks,


Year 2 team




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Week 2 challenge photos


We have loved seeing so many happy faces completing the challenges for week 2. We hope you will enjoy seeing them too.

Easter Reading Comprehension

Easter cards

Maboo the Helpful Monster

Under arm throwing games

Your Dojo trophies - well done!

Monday's Maths Quiz

Wednesday's Maths: Problem Solving - True or False?

Friday's Maths - Money Game

Optional Spelling Challenge

Picture 1

Look at some of the ways Year Two kept busy this week!

Foundation Phase Easter challenge

(Weeks beginning 6th and 13th April)



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Picture 2

Just for fun challenges


Easter Challenge 1 - Easter Spellings

(Focus - Literacy)


Lots of you have been keeping the weekly spellings going at home which is fab. Please find a selection of Easter themed words you may wish to show your child over the next two weeks. Obviously there are many more words, especially words linked to the Easter story, so you can add your own to the list too if you wish. Enjoy!


  1. Easter

  2. egg

  3. basket

  4. chick

  5. bunny

  6. flowers

  7. Spring

  8. cross

  9. bonnet

  10. chocolate

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Easter Challenge 2 - Egg character

(Focus - Expressive Arts)


Create an egg shaped character. You can either get creative with a boiled egg, use a plastic egg, or draw an egg shape on paper or card. You may wish to use a real egg like in the pictures below but please check with a grown up first as they may need to save the eggs! It is up to you what or who your egg looks like. You can create a new character or a well known character. You may even want to make the egg look like you! Will your friends be able to guess who it is? Send us a photograph and we will post it on the website in a few weeks time so that your friends can guess. For an eggstra challenge feel free to send us some egg puns. Will you make Mr Seymour crack with laughter? We are eggstremely eggcited to see what you come up with! Have fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Easter Challenge 3 - Easter bunny home/garden

(Focus - Expressive Arts)


Can you design and build a home and/or garden for the Easter bunny? You may wish to use any construction toys you have at home, maybe recycle some boxes and other materials, or even build with biscuits and decorate them. Can you include:


1. Somewhere for the bunny to store eggs 

2. Somewhere to sleep

3. Somewhere to practice bunny hops!


Have fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

General additional activities


Fresh air time

Play in the garden, go for a walk (within reason), ride your bike or scooter (within reason).


Chore time

Help with some chores. Your parents will have a list we are sure!

E.g. dry the dishes, fold and sort the clothes, lay the table.


Reading time

Read your school book or a book of your choice on your own or with an adult


Creative time

Arts and crafts, drawing, Lego, cook or bake with an adult


Quiet time

Reading, puzzles or ask an adult to read to you.


Family time

Talk to each other, make up a quiz,  play a board game together.


Pupil voice

Think of a challenge for your year 2 friends to try at home. Ask an adult to email your idea to Mrs. Harvey or Mr. Seymour!



For further generic resources, games, ideas, videos and much more please click on the first link below. There are lots and lots of fantastic resources on here.


The second link is for Purple Mash. Once your child has logged in they are able to explore all the different activities at their leisure.