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This week we have been finding out about different ways to spell the "oo" sound. Click on the link for some spelling activities which you can try at home. You will find some example words to practise.


On Friday 13th October we will have an informal spelling quiz featuring these spelling patterns. Your child can choose to practise just one or two words, or challenge themselves to try more. Don't worry if time is short at home - the children will also be practising in school!

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning all about place value - tens and ones. We have been learning that each digit has a different value. We have also been partitioning numbers. 


We have been partitioning numbers using part whole models. Please see below what a part whole model looks like. 






Suggested activities 


​​​​- Think of 2 digit numbers and use the part whole model to partition them. 


​​​​- If you would like a challenge, think of 3 digit numbers and use part whole models to partition them. 


Key questions

1) How many tens are in the number?

2) How many ones are in the number?