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Eco Committee

Mrs Williams leads the eco committee. It's her job to make sure everyone reduces, reuses and recycles as much as possible. They also make sure we save energy and water.

Schools achieve Platinum status once they have been awarded the Green Flag four times – demonstrating their long-term commitment to environmental education, student involvement and sustainability. Our Platinum schools are ranked amongst the best in the world on the Eco-Schools programme.


Ton Yr Ywen Primary are pleased to announce that they have achieved Platinum status.

All year groups actively take part in Eco based activities throughout the year as part of their learning.


Reception-Have created a new garden re-using pallets. Toilet, sink, lawnmower planters.

Year 1 -Growing flowers to attract bees to the school.

Year 2-have a new herb garden.

Year 4 Climate change peaceful protest.

Eco Code


Our Eco Code is:-

To save water

To reduce our energy usage

To look after our school grounds

To encourage wildlife at our school

Sustainable home learning-Week 1