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Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Ton Yr Ywen we are all dedicated to helping every child to flourish and achieve all-round success.


We believe to achieve all-round success, children need to

  • Be happy and self-confident individuals
  • Be fit and have a healthy life-style
  • Form positive and respectful relationships
  • Develop a life-long love of learning
  • Be literate and numerate
  • Be knowledgeable and skilled
  • Be responsible citizens of Wales and the world
  • Be creative contributors and reflective thinkers
  • Make good choices through knowing right from wrong


We aim to achieve our Vision by

  1. Creating a school where everyone is safe, happy and healthy and where everyone strives to live by our 6 core values (responsibility, respect, courage, honesty, kindness and co-operation).
  2. Creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is included and valued and where differences are celebrated.
  3. Creating a curriculum which inspires children to become confident and capable learners who are proud of their achievements.
  4. Nurturing a lifelong love of learning through exciting learning experiences and high quality teaching.
  5. Encouraging children to make positive and creative contributions to society.
  6. Working in close partnership with parents and the wider community to promote children's learning and well-being.

Our Values