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News about changes to the Welsh Curriculum Sep 2022

Our Curriculum Vision at Ton Yr Ywen

The document below explains what our curriculum is like at Ton Yr Ywen primary and why we have chosen to construct it in this way. We understand a curriculum to be all the experiences and activities available to our children, which allow them to learn and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes. A curriculum includes all the things the children learn through the wide range of activities on offer in school. 


In Wales, the Welsh Government has published a new 'purpose-driven' curriculum framework for all schools to use. This framework is different to previous curriculums as it does not give detailed information on what content to include, e.g. facts, figures, dates, people, places, texts, etc. Schools have the freedom to include whatever content they think is most relevant and interesting to their learners. So schools can make use of their local area and all the rich resources available to them. It also means children can explore issues of local and immediate importance to them.


However, to ensure consistency between schools the curriculum framework sets out key elements which all schools must include. All primary schools have to use this curriculum framework to plan and teach from, starting in September 2022. Schools also have to publish a summary of their curriculum so families understand the school’s approach. This is our summary.

Our Curriculum Vision and Structure