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Maths and Numeracy

In Maths and Numeracy this week, we have been identifying numbers on a number line. 


Click on the Splat square and here you can try and solve the missing numbers. 


On the worksheets below, you will need to place the number on the number line correctly. You can select the level you wish to complete. 









Languages, Literacy and Communication

This week we have been exploring past tense verbs! We had fun moving in lots of different ways, and then creating sentences to describe what we had done.


Eg. We walked.

We wandered.

We hopped.


You might like to play a game where you and your child take turns to give an instruction ("Stroll." "Creep."  "Wobble.")

When you have completed the action, make up sentences to describe what you did. 

To make the game more challenging, add an adverb! Eg "Wander slowly." "Dance lazily."


Click on the link below to play a verb matching game:

Click below to practise making sentences: