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Welcome to the Year 5 Class page!


We are delighted to welcome your children back into school and into Year 5. They are in for a treat with some really exciting topics ahead! We would normally be meeting you all face to face but as this is not possible at the moment we have made you a presentation giving you all the important information. We have also made a short video to introduce ourselves which we hope you enjoy!







Our 'Wecome to Y5' video!



Year 5 Welcome Video

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Welcome to Year 5!

Author of the Week 

Roald Dahl! 

We have had the best week in Year 5 learning all about Roald Dahl! We have had fun with: 

  • Dressing up as a character from a Roald Dahl story! 
  • creating our own 'dream jars'(inspired from The BFG)
  • dream catchers' (inspired from The BFG)
  • making our own unique 'Marvellous Medicines' (George's Marvellous Medicine)
  • Inventing our own dream chocolate bars and sweets - thinking of a name for our sweet, its ingredients and designing an eye-catching wrapper! 
  • Using our creative skills to make a character using features of lots of characters from different Roald Dahl stories! 


Have a look at some of our pictures to show the fun we've had!