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Year 5




Welcome to the Year 5 Class page!


We are delighted to welcome your children back into school and into Year 5. They are in for a treat with some really exciting topics ahead! 


This year Year 5 will be taught by Miss McCarthy, Mr Mitha, Mrs Watson and Mrs Barker.


Miss McCarthy and Mr Mitha will be Year 5 class teachers, Mrs Watson be helping in class (and most of you will know Mrs Watson from Year 4) and Mrs Barker will be teaching Welsh and Music on Thursdays.


We are very excited to start the new year and meet our classes. If you have questions or have any information please do not hesitate to come and talk to us in the playground.










During our first fortnight we will be looking at a mystery author. We will keeping this secret until the first week of class as we have some fun and unique activities for the children which will hopefully lead them to guess who the author is...


As you are probably all aware by now...our secret Author was Roald Dahl! We have been conducted Roald Dahl themed activities all week and the children have been amazing!


Please check out Twitter if you get a chance as there are 60 new Oompa Loompas practicing their dance!


The children made BFG ears, Chocolate buttons, clay turtles and masks to cover their identity (just like the Witches). 



It's Crunch Time


Our first topic of the year is called "Its Crunch Time". We will be investigating several different current affair topics such as food ethics and the sustainability of the food that we eat.


We will be researching ethically sourced food and analysing the impact on the environment our food has from farm yard to kitchen table. we will be asking the children to look at how diets have changed over time as well as how packaging (in particular plastics) have impacted the world that we live in.


We will keep you posted with pictures and posts on this page.