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Learning Context

3k run

This half term we are continuing with our context 'Happy, healthy us'. Last half term we focused on keeping our bodies healthy. We trained for and completed our 3k run in aide of Maggie's Cancer charity in Whitchurch. With your help we have raised an amazing £1800. 


This term we are concentrating on healthy minds. 

Week 9

This week we have been looking at our brain; what different parts of the brain are called, used for and how we can release endorphins and dopamine to encourage good mental health

Our brains

Spring term



This term we have been studying the book Tunnels by Roderick Gordon. We also went to Cardiff castle tunnels to research. We have now written our own book based on the Tunnels book , but with a local, Cardiff castle, back in time twist. We were so pleased to see it published.


When researching the different times in history the children were concerned about the fact women weren't allowed to fight in war and many didn't have a job but stayed at home looking after the children. We decided to look at women's rights in time for International women's day. We are debating lots of different issues about equality. We will have a 'big debate' that parents are coming to, to decide which team have the strongest argument.