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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!




Each week we will be setting:


  A daily maths challenge

  A daily phonics/literacy challenge

 A weekly reading challenge

 A weekly context challenge

 We have also included 4 'Enhanced Activity' suggestions.


Please can you send any work by Sunday lunchtime so we are able to upload it to the website to showcase the children's brilliant work!


Please email your finished work to your class teacher. If you need any help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Mount Everest Assembly Jan 2021

An assembly for children of Ton Yr Ywen Primary school, led by Mr Griffiths and on the theme of achieving goals that may seem impossible at times.


Makaton Assembly 19 01 21




We Are Learning To:


understand the concepts of right and wrong and of fair and unfair in a familiar context



The Story of Martin Luther King

Once upon a time, there was a man named Martin Luther King, Jr. He taught us that things won't always be awesome, but your response can be. Remember, things ...

Live Teaching


If you cannot make the live teaching session we understand. Today is Martin Luther King Day.

Have you heard of him before? What is he famous for?

Watch the powerpoint of Martin Luther King and discuss.

Your context challenge for this week is to write about your dreams.

My dream for myself.

My dream for where I live.

My dream for the world.


I have a dream challenge...




We have updated the texts for you to read and complete the follow up activity.

Select the coloured button according to which coloured book you take home.


Grown-ups, You will need to sign up for Oxford Owl but can access the activity free of charge.








We Are Learning To:


 decode words.





🌟 Level 1-Phase 2/3

🌟 Level 2 - Phase 4/5



Watch the video of Mrs Babareza.


Your phonics/literacy challenge is to play 'Dragons Den.'


The two dragons have their eggs mixed up. It is making them so sad that they cannot breathe fire anymore. Can you help them to find their eggs? Drag each egg to the right dragon to get them breathing fire again. The green dragon's eggs have real words on them. The red dragon's egg have made up words on them.


Have fun :)

Mrs Babareza's phonics challenge...



Tuesday 19th January


We Are Learning To: 


spell high frequency words correctly.


Level 1- the, and, if, on, can, is


Level 2- will, look, now, down, see, this


Level 3- come, went, have, help, children, it’s


Still image for this video

Watch the video of Mrs Kesterton.


Your phonics/literacy challenge is to spell high frequency words.


Choose a level then follow the instructions from the Tik-Tak-Toe sheet.


Have fun :)



Wednesday 20th January


We Are Learning To:


listen and join with a familiar story

Listen to the story of 'The Jolly Postman' read by Mrs Harris.


Then listen to the story again. Can you join in with the story? Are there parts you already know?


Join along with Mrs Harris telling the story. Re-tell the story to your parents.

Relax and listen to a story from Mrs Harris...

Relax and listen to a story from Mrs Harris...






 We Are Learning To: 

 begin to understand Place Value.



🌟 Level 1 -Children to use tens and ones to make numbers to 20 




🌟 Level 2 - Children use tens and ones to make numbers to 20 and above.


🌟SUPER DUPER CHALLENGE- Can you solve what each digit means past 100? 


Watch the video of Mrs Coles.


Today you will be focusing on what each digit is worth in a 2 digit number. Single numbers are units. If the number is above 10 it becomes tens and units. For example 15 is 1 ten and 5 units.


Your math's challenge today is to choose a level and to write down the 2 digit number and say what the value of the digits are.


Have fun :)

Place Value

Level 1

Level 2

Super Duper Challenge!


Tuesday 18th January 2021


We Are Learning To:


understand place value.


Level 1- Children to understand tens and ones to make numbers to 20.

Level 2- Children to understand tens and ones to make numbers to 20 and above.

Level 3- Children to understand hundreds, tens and ones.

Your math's challenge today is to play 'Place Value Basketball.'


Place value basketball helps you to understand the concept of hundreds, tens and ones. Match the ball to the number of tens and ones shown etc.


Click in the link below to play the game!


Have fun :)

IMG 2571



Wednesday 20th January


We Are Learning To:


find a given number


🌟 Level 1-to find a given number


🌟 Level 2-find the number between two given numbers


🌟 Level 3-Count On/count back from a number

Watch the videos of Mrs Clode. 


Your math's challenge is to play 'Blast Off.'


Blast Off is a mental maths game with different levels of difficulty. It's designed to help you identify and work with two-digit numbers. The oral questions have multiple choice answers which you will have to listen to carefully. Mrs Clode's videos show the 3 different levels.

Level 1-In the first game mode you have to find a given number.

Level 2- In the second you are required to find the number between two given numbers. 

Level 3-The Count On and Count Back games are designed to help you learn some of the vocabulary of addition and subtraction. Examples of the oral questions are 'Count back four from twenty-seven', 'Count on five from sixty-one', 'What is seven more than thirty-one?' and 'What is eight less than eighty-seven?'



Blast off Intro level 1

Blast off level 2

Blast off level 3 1 2 counting on

Blast off level 3 2 2 counting back

Suggested Enhanced



 Research Martin Luther King and update information onto Martin Luther King Padlet:-




  Design a rescue raft which floats. What materials will you use? Why? 




We would love to use some of your ideas for this topic.


  Can you design a new uniform for Charlie The Fire Fighter?


 Play counting squares game.


Counting squares game


You will need:

  • Squared paper or draw a grid 6 x 6 squares.

  • 2 die 

  • 2 coloured pencils/pens



  1. Number each square horizontally 1 to 6 

  2. Number each square vertically 1 to 6

  3. Player 1 throws the die and writes their score on the paper, for example 3, 6

  4. Player 1 counts along 3 squares and up 6 squares and colours in the square

  5. Player 2 takes their turn

  6. The winner is the first player to get three squares in a row 



We loved completing our work!

Have a look at the pictures of our wonderful work below from the week beginning 11th January 2021. Well done superstars!

Look at our fabulous maths :)

We have been working hard to complete our phonics/literacy challenges.

Look at the goals we have set for ourselves for 2021.

We have enjoyed looking at your Goals.

We have been trying hard with our reading.



Look at what else we have been completing this week.

 πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ Christmas Celebrations Challenge πŸŽ„πŸŽ…


Don't forget we set you all a challenge before Christmas to record how you celebrate the special occasion.





You will need to bring this into school with you on your first day back so we can display it in our classroom.


Please can you complete:-

- A snowman comparing your Christmas with another Christmas.

- Photos of your Christmas Celebrations.

How the Year 1 team celebrate Christmas...

Christmas Around the World Song | Christmas Traditions

Video: Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Mrs Babareza and Mrs Williams have compared their Christmas traditions. Some traditions they have are the same and some are different.

πŸŽ‰Our wonderful workπŸŽ‰


We loved completing our Christmas activities. Have a look at the pictures of our wonderful work below. Well done superstars!

We enjoyed listening to the story of, 'The Magic Reindeer' and answered comprehension questions about the story.

We had lots of fun completing our Christmas Maths activties.

We have started to compare our Christmas with our friend's or teacher's Christmas, to see the things that are the same and that are different.

Here are some extra pictures of us reading and making lovely Christmas crafts!



 Please can both reading books be returned on Wednesday 13th January. Please post books into the 'Bocs Darllen' which is outside 1CB classroom. Please return the books in the labelled plastic wallets. πŸ“™ 

Say hello to our friends who help us to understanding what we are learning... 

We Are Learning To:

Walt makes us aware of the skills which we are developing.



Now Use This Skill:

Nuts reminds us of the literacy and numeracy skills we have learned and encourages us to use them in other activities.



Our Success Criteria Are:

Osca reminds us of what we need to complete the task succesfully.