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Week 4 w/b 9.10.23

Year 3 Spelling Homework


In Year 3, we have taken words from over the past 3 weeks and chosen the most difficult words to spell from all the groups. We have made a new word list from jumbled up words from the previous weeks. Take a look and try to spot any words that are particularly difficult for your child to spell.


For an activity, call out words for your child to spell in a different order from the list. See if they can spell the words in any order.


Year 3 Maths Homework


In Maths this week, we have been learning to compare numbers to 1000. We have made 3-digit numbers using Base 10 and place value counters, and then compared which was the bigger number and the smaller number. We used mathematical language such as: greater than, less than and equal to. We also used the mathematical symbols >  <  =. 


Here is an example:


Try drawing or writing some 3-digit numbers with your child and compare which is greater or less than. Use the symbols for greater than and less then  >   <