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Week 4 11.3.24

Year 3 Spelling Homework

Year 3 have been working hard on spelling the suffix -ly and remembering to check whether the root word changes or not. When a word ends in 'y' you must change the it to an 'i', and if it ends with an 'e' you swap it for a 'ly'. Watch the video from last week to remind you!



We looked at sentences which use the root word and had to change it in the sentence so it made sense. 

E.g. The dog ran around (frantic).

       The dog ran around frantically.

Year 3 Maths Homework

In maths we have continued with fractions and begun to compare equivalent fractions. We were matching the amounts of fractions and then working out how the fraction was different but the amount was the same. Take a look at the example below:



Try some of your own matching with the task below: