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Week 3 w/b 20.11.23

Year 3 Spelling Homework


We have continued working on spelling and changing irregular past tense verbs. Have a go at making up silly sentences using the wrong spelling in a sentence.

E.g. I will try to thought about it. Then correct it to: I will try to think about it.


Year 3 Maths Homework


We have continued using the column method this week to subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers. It got harder when we needed to exchange an amount with the digit in the tens or hundreds column. Take a look at the examples below and have a go at column subtraction using similar numbers. 

We use Base 10 to help with showing how a number can be shared across the columns so that a subtraction can be made possible.


a) Subtraction with no exchange:


b) Subtraction with exchange across 10s column:


c) Subtraction with exchange across 100s column: