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Week 3 29.2.24

Year 3 Spelling Homework


Year 3 have started to spell the suffix -ly by adding it on to a root word. Take a look at the links attached to help support your child with spelling this suffix pattern.


Nessy Spelling Strategy | LY Words | Singalong| Learn to Spell

Singalong and learn the LY rule! When should LY be added to a word? What if there's a vowel on the end of the word? Or a Y? Remember with our fun Nessy song! ► Subscribe: ► Visit our website: ► 'Like' our Facebook page - ► Follow us on Twitter!

Year 3 Maths Homework


In maths, we have started to recognise unit and non-unit fractions. Can you help your child to talk about the differences between these two types of fractions?




This week, we identified what the denominator of a fraction is by counting all the parts of a whole shape. Then, we worked out the numerator of a non-unit fractions by counting the shaded parts. 


For homework this week, we’d like you to work out the fraction for each of these unit fractions: 



Try making your own fractions of shapes by drawing a shape and separating it into equal parts and then shading some of the parts.

You might also like to try the online game attached below.