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Week 28 - 07.06.24


This week in maths we have been learning about angles, and the different names used; acute, obtuse and reflex angles. We have been learning how to measure an angle correctly using a protractor, and estimating the size of the angle. 


There are 2 levels of work - Blue and Green and Red and Mastery of which are labelled. Practice on the games below first. You will need a protractor for the work. 


This week we are concentrating on words linked to our context 'Our place in Space'. Try writing them first in alphabetical order, then say them out loud phonetically (this mean the way you would read the word using your phonic skills, not necessarily the way it is pronounced).

e.g. Astronaut= Astro-na-ut

     Space= Sp-a-c-e

Finally, can you make a word search using these words?