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Week 23- 19.4.24



This week in Maths we have been learning to order and compare decimals and to round decimals to the nearest whole number.


We have discussed how we have to look at each digit, working from left to right to find out which is biggest eg 4.16 and 4.18. We look at the whole number first, both are 4. Then, we look at the tenth column where they are both 1, so we need to keep going to the hundredth column where 8 is bigger than 6. So, 4.18 is biggest decimal.


When rounding to the nearest whole number we look at the whole number that we have e.g 8.2. The whole number is 8 so 8.2 lies between 8 and 9. We know that anything below 0.5 is round down and anything 0.5 and above is round up. So 8.2 is round down to 8.


Have a go at the homework below and let me know what word you create as a result of working out the answers. Good luck!

Decimals homework