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Week 22 - 12.04.24


This week we are looking at key words to practice. Some of the words you might fly through, so have a look at the list and get a family member or friend to test you. The ones you get wrong make a list of and practise these. 


We use these words everyday in our books, and it is important that we can spell them correctly.


In Maths this week we have been looking at decimal numbers. We have converted them from fractions to decimals and using a place chart to work out how many thousandths are in the decimal number or fraction.

So 1/10= 0.1

        1/100= 0.01

          1/1000= 0.001

These are equivalent. They are the same value.


  0  .1  

Go through the homework and see how far you can get. It starts easier and gets progressively harder. Some questions have been repeated so please ignore those.