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Week 1 w/b 6.11.23

Year 3 Spellings Homework


We have been learning to change regular verbs ending in -y or -e. Ask your child to notice what happens when to the ending letter, sometimes it becomes and 'i'. Ask them which words they find easier to spell and which ones they find trickier. 

Have a go at spelling the words together or practising with a read, say, cover, write, check approach. 

Use the game below to consolidate what they know about change regular verbs. 


Year 3 Maths Homework


This week in Maths we have been using numberlines to subtract.

Here is an example:


Later in the week we moved onto column addition. Here is an example with 2-digit numbers using Base 10.


Here is an example using 3-digit numbers and Base 10:


Have a go at practising these addition and subtraction strategies using 2- and 3-digit numbers. Ask your child which method they prefer.