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What a busy week!!!


We loved finding out about wheels, exploring the number 4 and being outside in the sunshine!


We've gone home covered in paint, mud and water - all signs of a great day!


We listened to a great story about

a duck in a truck who got stuck in some muck!

It had lots of rhyming words in it!!

There was a goat in a boat and a sheep in a jeep too!


Have a look on the Maths Videos page for a video of the Number 4 song we learnt on Friday!

(There's a link to Numberblocks Number 4 on iPlayer too!)


We enjoyed singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' have a look at the Makaton version - can you sign it too?

Click on the star to see some photos of the things we have been doing!

Next week...

We will be wondering about 



Different materials -

"I wonder why glass breaks so easily"

Mrs Mason is trying to work out how much food we can squeeze into learning about materials!


and finishing off answering any more

"I Wonder..." questions


As well as...

  • Continuing to explore the number 4 - how many different ways can YOU show 4?!
  • Spending some more time with the NEW MRS DAVIES
  • Asking ourselves 'I Wonder...' questions in PE
  • More listening ears games - finding rhyming words like in the story Duck in a Truck
  • Planting in our outdoor classroom
  • Enjoying playing playing playing

Our Context is 


"I Wonder..."


We have been thinking of our own 'I wonder...' questions and using these to learn our learning.

Look at some of the things we have been wondering about...

Here are some more I wonder questions...

Keep them coming!

We have started trying to explore some of them!

Do you think you could answer any? Or think of a way to find out more?



Name I wonder... Answers/How we have explored
Jack Why is there Moss on Trees? 1/2 - Looking at trees and growing things
Ellis W Do snails use the toilet?

Aaron - No

18/1 - Video about snails

  Why did my ice cream melt?

Aaron - because of the sun

2/2 - Eat an Icecream Day

  What is a Yeti?

Aaron - We looked up some images and decided that it is a pretend monster

18/1 - Reading the Story Beti and the Yeti

Zach Where my food comes from?

Zach - picture of food

18/1 - WALT's challenge

Gabby What has happened to the water? Gabby - it turned to ice
   Why I can see my breath? 25/1 - Exploring weather
Immy Why the tree fell down?

Immy - the wind blew it down

1/2 - Mrs Read reads 'After the storm'

George How far I can jump?

George - jumping video

25/1 - Pupil Voice challenge

  If I can balance all the way along the tree

George - photos of balancing on the tree

25/1 - Pupil Voice Challenge

  How the roots grow under the tree 1/2 - WALT Challenge - Planting apple seeds 
Aaron Why 2 and 1 is 3?  
  Why the clouds don't like the sun? 25/1 - Exploring weather
  Why is 3 plus 1, 4?  
Immy What birds eat?

Immy - made a bird feeder

25/1 - WALT's bird feeder challenge

Millie Why glass breaks so easily?  
Tomos and Mimi How long does it take to grow an apple tree? 1/2 - WALTS's Challenge - planting apple seeds
  Do sting rays sting? 1/2 - WALT's Challenge - learning about animals
  How snow is made? 25/1 - Looking at weather...
  How phones and tablets are made?  
Zach Which animals live in a swamp? 1/2 - WALT's Challenge - learning about animals
Theodore P Why I have 2 cats but only 1 dog?  
Korey Why are wheels circle?  
Aaron What happens when you flush the toilet?  
Esme What these sandwich flavour combinations will taste like?  




We had an AMAZING time at our birthday party!


It was so much fun to celebrate with our friends and to surprise Mrs Davis!


Look at us enjoying our party!


Some ideas from your Nursery Friends!

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