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Distance Learning

in Nursery!!

We love our Nursery Routine!

We start everyday with Music and Movement

and our Superhero Chant!

Then we play and do some challenges

Next we have snack and a story

After that we play and maybe try more challenges

We tidy up

Finally we do some singing!


With our distance learning we give you 

WALT's 3 challenges,

3 stories read by Nursery grown ups

Other 'Just for fun' challenges


A section with Music and Movement Videos

A section with songs for you to sing

A section with other videos to support your learning

A section with more stories read by the Nursery Grown Ups

These sections will be updated with additional content regularly.

Week Beginning 11th January

WALT's Suitcases

Challenges - week beginning 18th January

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Challenge 1

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I Can Show the Number 2 - Jack Hartmann

Numberblocks - Number Two | Play-Doh

Challenge 2

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The Nursery Grown Ups explore this week's I wonder box...

I wonder box - Winter Clothes

Can you find things to keep you warm in your house?

What about trying this need your warm clothes and to roll a number 2!

WALT's Winter Clothes Game

Challenge 3

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Here is Zach's food hunt!

A Challenge from WALT's friend NUTS!

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Mrs Head - Fine Motor number 2

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Mrs Davis - collecting things in 2s

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Mrs Read - Actions in 2s

Zoe's challenge in Pupil Voice would be a great one for this too!


Some ideas from your Nursery Friends!

Arlo Made a Pizza...

This video on CBeebies shows you how to make your own!

Zoe made a number 2 jumping game!

The Rules

Place pillows, cushions or other soft things on the floor to jump onto.

Put some number 2 cards on some of the cushions - you can't jump onto the number 2s!!

Add more to make it more of a challenge!

Gabby added body parts in 2s to a person...

Here are some templates for you to try and do it too...

Or you could just draw the face or body yourself!

​​​​​​​Extra special challenge...

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Look at some of the things we have been wondering about...

Here are some more I wonder questions...

Keep them coming!

We have started trying to explore some of them!

Do you think you could answer any? Or think of a way to find out more?



Name I wonder... Answers/How we have explored
Jack Why is there Moss on Trees?  
Ellis W Do snails use the toilet?

Aaron - No

18/1 - Video about snails

  Why did my ice cream melt? Aaron - because of the sun
  What is a Yeti?

Aaron - We looked up some images and decided that it is a pretend monster

18/1 - Reading the Story Beti and the Yeti

Zach Where my food comes from?

Zach - picture of food

18/1 - WALT's challenge

Gabby What has happened to the water? Gabby - it turned to ice
   Why I can see my breath?  
Immy Why the tree fell down? Immy - the wind blew it down
George How far I can jump? George - jumping video
  If I can balance all the way along the tree George - photos of balancing on the tree
  How the roots grow under the tree  
Aaron Why 2 and 1 is 3?  
  Why the clouds don't like the sun?  
  Why is 3 plus 1, 4?  
Immy What birds eat? Immy - made a bird feeder
Millie Why glass breaks so easily?  


It's Story Time

Inspired by Noam's Noah's Ark set...2 of every animal! Mrs Carrel found this fantastic story!

Mrs Carrel reads All Afloat on Noah's Boat

Inspired by Ellis' I wonder... Miss Mohsin is reading the story "Beti and the Yeti"

Miss Mohsin reads Beti and the Yeti

It's Mrs Read's turn to read her favourite book this week...warning...its a bit rude!

Mrs Read reads Smelly Peter the Great Pea Eater

Other Challenges and Resources!​

Superhero Chant

Just for Fun!!


What's your favourite animal?

Mrs Head read you a squash and a squeeze last week and Mrs Carrel read a story about Noah's Ark...

I wonder what your favourite animal is? Could you draw it or make it?

I wonder what your talent is...

In Mrs Carrel's story there is a talent show - I wonder what you would do in a talent show?

I wonder if you could design some winter clothes?

This week's 'I Wonder...' box is full of winter clothes, could you design a hat, or gloves or a scarf?

Here is a template if you need it...but I'm sure you can make your own!

Miss Mohsin’s colourful ice challenge

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Afternoon Nursery - 12.45 - 3.00

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