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Nursery 2023

Have a look at some of the exciting things you can do in Nursery...

Welcome to Nursery's website page, we hope you enjoy seeing the AMAZING things we do!

New to Ton Yr Ywen?

Gardening and the Outdoors

We love to be outside in Nursery and have a FANTASTIC outdoor area. Including an allotment where we grow our own food. We eat our produce for snack and sometimes sell it to our grown ups!

You can see some of our allotment activities and some of the things we have grown below.

Playing Games!

We love to learn to play games with our friends.


Watch this space to see some of the games we play...

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Here is the list of 

25 Things in Nursery!


We aim to do all of the things on the list by the end of the year...some we will challenge you to try at home!

In Nursery we say that we are all Superheroes and 

"We can do anything!"

We start our day with our superhero chant.

Superhero Chant

We love 'Music and Movement' in are some of our favourite dances

Dough Disco Can't Stop the Feeling

Sticky Kids - I Travelled over Land and Sea

Sticky Kids - Clap Your Little Hands

Funky Monkey

Not A Stick Read by Mrs Mason

Have another listen to 'Not a Stick'

What can we do at home?


Here are some activity ideas for you to continue the Nursery fun at home! Nursery and early education is all about PLAY PLAY PLAY so everything your child is doing is 'learning'


Hopefully you will enjoy some of the ideas below!