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Hello Superheroes!! 


WOW!! You've had such a busy two weeks! I have loved seeing all of your photos and videos!!


I hope you all enjoyed spending lots of time outside in the sunshine! All of the Nursery grown ups did! We did lots and lots of the challenges too! Did you see some of our camp outs on Twitter?


The TYY Snake is looking fantastic - feel free to keep adding to it!


We are going to try something slightly different this term - we will be setting our challenges for

2 weeks!

This will give you a little bit longer to get really stuck in and will help you juggle the challenges with work.

We are also asking that

ALL children try at least 2 challenges

over the next two weeks - it is up to you which challenges, choose the ones that will work best for your families! Let's see if we can get at least 1 photo from EVERY child in Nursery!!!


We are carrying on with our

All Creatures Great and Small 

context  - keep your  ideas coming, we love them!!


The archive website is being regularly updated with old photos and challenges. You can also find all of the Story Time videos and the Music and Movement videos here.


Have a look -

It is still a work in progress - with lots more photos and videos to add, but I though you might like to have a look!


Keep going superheroes!


Remember, we can do ANYTHING!!!


Mrs Mason x


PS: If you want to teach your families to be superheroes - our words are below!

WALT's Challenges!

Picture 1

WALT’s Challenge 1

WALT’s Challenge 1 1
WALT’s Challenge 1 2

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The Shape Song Swingalong

What can you make with the shapes you know?

WALT’s Challenge 2

WALT’s Challenge 2 1
WALT’s Challenge 2 2

Still image for this video

Farmer Duck - By Mrs Mason

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WALT’s Challenge 3

WALT’s Challenge 3 1
WALT’s Challenge 3 2

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Grown Ups!

The important thing with this challenge is that children are 'hearing' the sounds in words, this is a more crucial skill than just recognising the letter. The ability to 'blend' (put sounds together to make words) and 'segment' (split a word into it's sounds) words orally will ensure that children are able to blend words to read and spell when they learn letter sounds. 

We are starting with sounds at the start of the word, some children may hear the sound at the end of the word too e.g. 'grass' at the moment, that is expected and they are recognising the sounds in words so that is great! 

The sounds WALT has suggested are all 'long' sounds, which tend to be easier for children to 'hear' when they are starting out.


When we are teaching children to 'hear' sounds it is important that we use 'pure sounds'.

so 'sssssssss' not 'suh' 'mmmmmmmm' not 'muh'


The emphasis is on children hearing sounds in words, so pointing things out when you are out that start with a chosen letter will help children to start to hear this. As with any new skill, it's a case of practise, practise, practise!


Any questions please contact me! 

Challenges from the Nursery Grown Ups

Mrs Maguire is so impressed with our TYY Snake and loves all of your fantastic pebble decorating!


She is now challenging you to listen to her story about a ladybird and think of some other minibeasts that you know - can you make a minibeast pebble and hide it somewhere for your friends to spot?

Still image for this video

Before lockdown Mrs Mason ordered this special apron to help you practise zips, buttons and poppers.

She is challenging you to learn how to do your zip all by yourself!! If you can already do a zip - can you learn something you can't do yet?!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Still image for this video

Just for Fun...

Can you make a creature?

Mrs Carrel made these fantastic mud monsters as part of our Take It Outside challenges.

She challenges you to make your own mud creatures!! Can you make a minibeast? What about a farm animal? Can you create your own creature?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Miss Mohsin used leaves to make her creatures - she painted some leaves and did leaf printing!

What could you do?

This week Mrs Davis is going to attempt to make these fantastic ladybird biscuits!

How many spots will you give your ladybird?

Picture 1

​​​​​​Natural Patterns 

You explored animal patterns, can you explore some patterns in nature?

You can make bark rubbings of trees, make leaf rubbings.

There's even a nature trail in Heath Park you can explore!


Here are some ideas from your friends - Anwen's Bark rubbing tree and Alice completing the Heath Park Nature Trail.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Mrs Head’s Name Challenge!


Last week Mrs Head did one of the Reception challenges and made her name out of things she found outside! It made her wonder if all of the children in Nursery can recognise their names!


She is challenging you to try and spot your names this week! Maybe a grown up could write it on some paper or stones and find them for you to find? Perhaps they could write their names or brothers/sisters names and you have to find the right one!


If you can already recognise your name, why don’t you try and make it like Mrs Head did? She can’t wait to see what you do!

Picture 1

Makaton Challenge!

This week's Makaton challenge is to learn how to sing and sign "Old MacDonald"

I have also included the farm animals video to remind you of the animal signs.

Singing Hands: Old MacDonald had a Farm - Makaton Sign Language

Makaton Topic - FARM ANIMALS - Singing Hands

Lots more resources and ideas...

Can you listen to stories and keep fit?

Dough Disco!!

I have had lots of requests for the Nursery Dough Disco Routine!!

So here it is! Enjoy!


We challenged you to find lots of things you could do with a stick!

You had some fantastic ideas for our 'Not a Stick' challenge!

...It's a Paintbrush!

Still image for this video's a Ninja Warrior Sword and a Musical Instrument

Still image for this video

We also challenged

you to camp out!!


Can you spot the teachers who took part too?!

Olivia's Camping Adventure!

Still image for this video

We Challenged you to find lots of different ways to show your Outside!


Diary of the Outdoors

Diary of the Outdoors 1
Diary of the Outdoors 2
Diary of the Outdoors 3

Sounds We Heard

Still image for this video

We challenged you to help us make TYY Snake!


He's even better than we could ever have hoped for!!! Thank you for helping to make it so long!

We also challenged you to show 5 in 5 ways in 5 days!

Look at all the fantastic ways you found to show 5!

We have a celebrity in Nursery!!! Featured on the Kensington Royal Instagram Story!! AMAZING!

We have a celebrity in Nursery!!! Featured on the Kensington Royal Instagram Story!! AMAZING! 1
Lots of fun inside too! Cooking, playing, having an amazing time!

Lots of other ideas!


Below there are some links to some daily videos I think you will love. We have also created a bank of resources full of lots of lovely ideas and activities for you to explore! Click on the 'Distance Learning Resource Bank' below!

Harry R - found these great videos on iPlayer - 


This video is all about Loud and Quiet

Some Live Daily Broadcasts that we think you will enjoy!

Our Superhero Chant


Feet shoulder width apart

Hands in fists

Fists on hips

Back straight

Shoulders down

Chin up


Stand still

Stand strong

Find your confidence

Find your brave


We can do ANYTHING x3


Still, strong, confident, powerful, brave, determined.


Now close your eyes, take a moment to think about you, think about all the amazing things you are going to do today.

(10 seconds)

Be a Superhero

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Join in with our superhero chant

TYY VE DAY Video Message

A message from everyone at Ton Yr Ywen to all of our lovely children and families!

We Miss you all!

Letter about Distance Learning!