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Welcome to Nursery's website page, we hope you enjoy seeing the AMAZING things we do!

We do PE on Wednesdays

On Mondays we choose a book from our Nursery library.

Our current context is...


All Creatures Great and Small

We will be

  • Finding out about the animals that live in the Nursery garden.
  • Finding ways to help look after them.
  • Learning about other animals and different creatures.
  • Thinking about how to look after our classroom, outdoor area and the world and the things we can do to help.
  • Working hard to make our outdoor area and classroom super duper! What changes can we make?

We have been very busy transforming our outdoor area and the children have had some FANTASTIC ideas...

Celyn said that she would like a stream to jump over, so, on Wednesday, 


We used diggers from the digging area to excavate and carry the mud away.

We worked as a team to carry water to wet the mud that was too hard and dry to dig.

We made the mud we had dug out wetter and added sand to use it as 'cement' to keep the pipes in place.

We all ended up VERY muddy - especially Mrs Mason and Mrs Davis!

Next Week - 

We will be

  • Hanging out our bird feeders and adding bird seed
  • Thinking about our hedgehog - is there anything else we need to set up for it?
  • Making signs to go in all the areas of the classroom
  • Playing more Bingo and learning a new game 'Stop and Go'
  • Making some treats and having a Queen's Jubilee Celebration Picnic
  •  Having a talk from Elliot's mum about being a vet


as well as lots and lots more PLAYING!!

We use lots of Makaton in Nursery - here is a video of the song 'Worm at the Bottom of the Garden' using Makaton!

Mr Tumble Songs | There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden 🐛

Every Monday we introduce our Games of the Week!

Last we we played Bingo and a game called Sausage Roll!


This week we are going to play Bingo again and 'Stop and Go'

Mrs Read works with us in the allotment after snack...we are growing lots of FANTASTIC things!

Our gardening days are...


Red Group on a Monday

Yellow Group on a Tuesday

Blue Group on a Friday


A BIG thank you to Abel's Mum and Miss Brook's Dad who came to help with our outdoor project this week! 

Donations Plea!

THANK YOU so much for the donations that we have already had! We are SO lucky!

The children have been so excited to get out and plant!

We are working hard on developing our outdoor area and allotment. We would love donations of any gardening equipment, pots, plants, seeds, bushes, compost etc.

We may also want some volunteers to help us with some gardening/moving furniture/painting...

(Particularly if we have any carpenters/builders!)


Please let us know if you can help!

Our Hedgehog Help book which launched our new context is here...

These are the questions that we have been thinking about


- What should we do next? (about the hedgehog)

- How can we check the hedgehog is ok?

- Do you think there is more than one hedgehog?

- I wonder what other animals are in Nursery?

- How could we find out?

- I wonder...(any other ideas or questions we had)


You could think about some of these questions at home and let us know your ideas!

Here is our Superhero chant and some of the songs and dances and chants that we have been doing...

Superhero Chant

Be A Super Hero | Friendship Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Dough Disco Can't Stop the Feeling

Sticky Kids - I Travelled over Land and Sea

Sticky Kids - Clap Your Little Hands

Funky Monkey

What can we do at home?


Activities for Children who are self isolating due to Covid19 and general activity ideas and resources.


Stuck at home?! Read the same story 100000 times?! Looking for something else to do?


Here are some activity ideas for you to continue the Nursery fun at home! Nursery and early education is all about PLAY PLAY PLAY so everything your child is doing is 'learning'


Hopefully you will enjoy some of the ideas below!