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Lets Learn About... Videos

Lets Learn About... Videos

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Look at these CBeebies shows that have episodes about Chinese New Year

Andy learns about lots of different animals...I wonder if there is an episode for your favourite?

This song is all about communicating, people and animals!

Maddie also has some other songs about animals...

Auntie Mabel learns about apples...

Come Outside - Apples

It's Winter, maybe we will have snow - have a look at this episode of JoJo and Gran Gran

Come Outside - A RAINY DAY

Come Outside - Crisps

Auntie Mabel and Pippin visit The Golden Wonder Crisps factory, to see how crisps are made. Aunite Mabels favorite flaver is Cheese and Onion. ©BBC Entertain...

Come Outside - A Windy Day

Come Outside - Boxes