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WOW Day and World Book Day

This week we jumped into our new topic with our special WOW days.


They were filled with so many activities that we had to spread them over 2 days

This term we are going to be learning all about the farm and sustainability.


We had a big discussion about all the different things you may find on a farm. 


We discovered that everything that all of the items that we used on our WOW day's would originally have come from a farm! 

We made Ice Cream using Science!!


Did you know you can make ice cream with your hands?

We made Sausage and Veggie Sausage Rolls...

We ate egg on toast for snack...we had the choice of Scrambled or Fried...

We made our own smoothies using lots of different fruits.


We started talking about where our fruit is grown....

On Thursday we celebrated 'World Book Day' by reading lots of our favourite bedtime stories!

We spend some time in the forest for Forest schools... 

This week we started our new class story 'Sophie's Snail'

by Dick King Smith.


This was Miss Cook's favourite book when she was a little girl and is all about a little girl called Sophie who wants to become a lady farmer.