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Week Beginning 8.11.21

We have had a great week learning all about colours. Thank you all for making the effort to wear the specific colours this week. The children all looked fantastic and we had lots of fun! This week we learned about Kandinsky, a famous artist, and his painting Squares in Concentric Circles. We decided that we could make a painting just as good as his and so we did! It’s going to go on display in our classroom. We were all fantastic artists!

Each day we went on a colour hunt to see if we could find items around the Nursery that were the same colour as our colour of the day. We then experimented with paint to see how we could make colour lighter and darker. Each day our snack the same colour as the colour of the day.

We coloured our own colour monster. We talked about how our monster was feeling, we gave them a name and we talked about what made them happy. These are going to be displayed in our classroom too!

Friday was our rainbow day. We ate rainbow cake. Made rainbow water using skittles. We sang the rainbow song. We experimented with paint to see what colours we could create by mixing red, blue and yellow. We have had a wonderful colourful week.