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Week Beginning 4.10.21

Autumn has arrived in Nursery! We came to school to find one of our cuddly bears had gone missing! We needed to go on a walk through the woods to find him. We found him holding a letter. The letter told us that he had gone for a walk to look for some apples to make his favourite food (apple crumble) but he had got lost. So we took him back to nursery and collected some apples for him. Tomorrow we will make some delicious apple crumble with the apples that we picked!

We had our first PE session. We practised balancing, climbing, pedaling the bikes and hopping on a space hopper. It was lots of fun!

We have little PE too. Little PE is where we work on our fine motor skills. Our favourite bit is when we do dough disco to strengthen the muscles in our hands. It's lots of fun!