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Week Beginning 29.11.21

Christmas has arrived in Nursery! On Monday the children came to school to find all of the windows blacked out and pretty lights covering our Nursery! We didn’t know who could have done it! On Tuesday a box arrived in Nursery covered wrapped up in Christmas paper. It was our own Christmas tree! We were so excited to decorate it. On Wednesday we found an advent calendar on Mrs Davies’s chair. There was a note inside the Number 1 box! It told us that we had a class elf who had brought us all the wonderful decorations. It also told us to go and look inside our shed. The elf had turned our shed into Santa’s workshop for us to help make toys. On Thursday the elf made a snow angel on our tuff spot in the classroom. His note said we should all colour an elf picture for our Mums and Dads. On Friday the elf did a zip wire across our classroom AND ate all of the chocolates!!