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Week Beginning 1st Feb.

What a wonderful week we have had!

We have been learning all

about the MOON...

We used lots of different things

to find out about the moon.

We used books, videos and the internet...

Let's see what we found out...

Griff the Teacher! Lesson 1: The Moon

Are you listening carefully?

Still image for this video

That’s all our questions answered! Wow, wow, wow...

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We also made 'Foil Moons'...

And we made delicious moon snacks...

Lots of you enjoyed watching 

Button Moon...

But which grown ups used to enjoy it

when they were little?


It's time for the BIG reveal...

Number 1 is Mrs Taylor.

Number 2 is Mrs Maguire.

Number 3 is Mrs Creedon.

Number 4 is Mrs Jones.

Number 5 is Mrs Head.

Number 6 is Mrs Hennessey.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who played

'Guess the Grown Up'...


A special congratulations goes to

Bella and her mummy

for guessing ALL of the grown ups!

Great job!!! 

Did you enjoy Mrs Head's story?

Can you remember what Laura wished for?


You were challenged to make your own

'wishing star' and post it in our

Reception post box...

You all worked so hard creating your

'wishing stars'...

Just look at all these stars...

The grown ups have been busy

decorating our very own Reception


Look how beautiful it looks!

WALT challenged you to solve

some number problems...


Problem 1 - How many ways can you make

5 by adding 2 numbers together?


Lets see how we got on...

Congratulations! Problem solved...

There are 6 ways to make 5 by

'adding 2 numbers' together!

Problem 2 - How many ways can you make

10 by adding 2 numbers together?


Let's see how we got on...

Congratulations! Problem solved...

There are 11 ways to make 10 by

'adding 2 numbers' together!

Let's see who 'cracked'

Mrs Creedon's magic trick...

Cracked it...

Still image for this video

This is too easy...

Still image for this video

Just show us one more time...

Still image for this video

Look at these magic tricks...


How did that happen?

Still image for this video

Can anyone work out how this

magic trick is done?



You will have to think hard to crack this one!

Still image for this video

NUTS challenged you to play some

'ordering' games this week.

It looks like they have been a big hit!

Let's see who has been completing our


Walking barefooted through

MOON SAND - yuck!!!


Making rockets from moon sand...

Eating ice cream!

There are some HUGE ice creams this week!

Yum, yum...

Feeding the ducks...

Let's see who completed the

pupil challenges...

Who followed Catrin's instructions 

to make a 'Star Box'...

Who made an exploding rocket

just like Eryn?

Up, up and away...

Still image for this video

Don't forget to make a Space Helmet

and/or a Jetpack!

We will need them for our FIRST

day back at school...


Jetpacks and helmets ready...

This week we have been learning to

take away objects to find

‘how many are left?’

We completed sums and played a

'LEGO' tower game!

Who will be the winner?

Still image for this video

We also refined our adding, doubling and

finding '1 more and 1 less' skills...

This week we have been learning the

Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4

'Tricky Words'...

We made our own 'Tricky Word' games...

What was that tricky word?

Still image for this video

We also played tricky word snap and pairs...

Another brilliant week.

Great job everyone.

You really are our very own


See you at Monday's

Merit Awards.

Here is a slideshow of some other activities that have been keeping us busy this week...