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Week Beginning 17.1.22

We have learnt the Nursery Rhyme Miss Polly Had a Dolly this week. We acted out the rhyme in our doctor’s surgery with the children taking it in turns to be Miss Polly and the Doctor. We have also created a wonderful Nursery Rhyme display in our classroom and the children have been busy making all of the characters to go on our wall.

We had a surprise arrival this week. One day we were sitting on the carpet when Ms Davis brought a parcel for us. Inside there was a Mummy Dragon. She was very upset because her little boy was due to start Nursery but he wouldn’t come because he was too afraid. Mummy Dragon asked for our help. As part of our topic this term we are going to teach Mummy Dragon’s little boy all about our Nursery and the people in it. We started by painting portraits of our best friends and taking photographs of the areas of the classroom that we liked best.

As always, we have done lots and lots of playing – our favourite way to learn in Nursery.