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Week Beginning 1.11.21

What a fun week to start the second half of our Autumn term! We have been celebrating Diwali this week as well as learning about Bonfire night. We have had lots of lovely activities to do. 

We are working really hard to become more independent in Nursery. We are practising walking up the ramp into Nursery on our own without our grown ups. We are practising hanging our coats up on our own pegs and the trickiest bit has been learning to put on our own coats. We have been learning to put our hood on like a cape and then to find our arms. It's tricky when our sleeves are inside out but we have been learning what to do when this happens. We've worked really hard! Here are just a few of us having a go.

In PE this week we used the climbing frame! We impressed our teachers with how well we listened. We also practised our balancing and when we jumped we made a shape like a firework. We made rockets too!

We celebrated Diwali. We made rangoli patterns from pasta and leaves. We cooked and ate food with our friends. We made lanterns to take home as a gift to our families and we cleaned our nursery by sweeping the leaves. We had so much fun. We enjoyed learning our Diwali songs too!

We celebrated Bonfire Night! We practised our fine motor skills by making firework play dough and decorating firework biscuits. We made firework paintings using cardboard rolls and plastic forks. We danced to the firework song. We put out our shaving foam fire with fire engines and water. We made rockets using different shapes. Finally, we watched sparklers while drinking hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles and eating the firework biscuit we made.