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Week 8

This week we have been continuing on with our rotation from last week so unfortunately

we don't have many new photos to share with you.



We had great fun at 'The Spa' on Thursday. We relaxed in our deck chairs, Soaked our feet and Chilled!

We had a Recycling workshop this week.


We learnt all about what happens to our Recycling once we put it in our green bags.

We were so excited when we arrived at the beach... we didn't know what to do first...

We started with our beach litter pick...


Do you know that if we don't start using less plastic , by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!!!

We played in the sand...

We couldn't go to the beach without having a dip in the Sea! 

We rewarded ourselves with a cone of chips on the beach! 

And we even had time for a quick play in the park!!! 

Finally a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Locky's dad who, with his company 'Evergreen Wales', renovated our Jubilee garden and made it beautiful again!