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Week 6...

This week has been another busy

week in Reception.

We have been busy: - 


Practising our letter sounds.

Blending letters to make words.

Reading tricky words.

Learning to read number words.

Counting forwards and backwards.

Counting in 2's and 10's.

Completing challenges both inside and out.


WALT challenged us to write our numbers correctly ALL of the time...

This is a skill that needs to be constantly revisited.

Please could you take time to reinforce

this skill at home.


The children enjoy watching the link

below to remind them of HOW numbers should be formed...

Writing Numbers

We have been adding and taking away!

We used enchanted counters to help...

Did you know that we are going to be

writing our own ENCHANTED stories?


This week we have been thinking about the characters that will be in our story.

We can't wait to be authors...

We have been practising being illustrators...


Can you spot what characters will be

in our stories?

Outside we have been busy creating

bits and bobs for our Fairy Garden...

Can you remember the chicks?

We really enjoyed looking after them...

We gave each chick a name!!!


They were: -







Love Heart


and of course



Just look how cute they are!

This week we have been busy painting our

favourite chick...

We will be writing about our

favourite chick next week...

Friday was Seren and Sbarc day...


Dyma Seren!

Dyma Sbarc!

They challenged us to speak 

in WELSH...

We practised all week!!!

They must have been impressed as they left us a hamper to have an indoor picnic...



Listen to the special song below.

Can you work out what the song is about?

The children can...

Seren a Sbarc