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Week 6...

This week has all been about: -


Tricky Words

3D Shapes.

We hope you liked your KINDNESS cards...


We really enjoyed using inks to make them...

And your KINDNESS Cones...

Tricky words...


This week has been a tricky word

type of week.


A tricky word is a word that can't be sounded out!!!


Most children will be learning the

Phase 2 tricky words...


Some will be learning Phase 3...

Our aim is for ALL children to have instant recognition of the Phase that they are on.


Playing games, using magnetic letters and singing songs all help with this!!!

Phase 2 Tricky Words Song

The Tricky Words Rap!

Phase 3 Tricky Words.

What tricky word games can you think of?


How about going on a word hunt?


How about playing snap or pairs?


BINGO is always a firm favourite...

Once the children can read the tricky words they need to be able to write them...

We will be working on this next half term.


Please help us by helping your children to learn to read the words first!!!


If you are not sure what Phase your child is on,

please e-mail us to find out.

Phase 2 words and a game were given out this week.

Phase 3 bookmarks were given out earlier in the term.

3D Shapes...


This week we have finished learning about 3D shapes by going on a shape hunt...

Look at what we found!!!

Our 3D shape hunt.

Still image for this video

Sometimes it is easy to forget the names of the 3D shapes.

Please help your child remember them by pointing them out when you are out and about.

The important ones for Reception are: -





We have also been practising our

number formation.


WALT is super impressed...

One of our other jobs was to write a

list of the things that we enjoyed about number week...

We have also been learning about constellations...

Stars & Constellations...

We listened to a story about a star.

How to Catch a Star.

We discussed and painted our

favourite part...

This week our Helpwr Heddiw's were...

We have also celebrated a birthday too...

Penblwydd Hapus i ti!