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Week 5 - Number Week.

This week has been NUMBER WEEK...


We have been super busy exploring and investigating NUMBERS!!!


Here is a sneaky peek at what we

have been doing...

Human Sums...

This week you may have noticed the

grown ups wearing number T-Shirts!

We used these numbers to make sums!


First we chose 2 photographs.

Which grown ups would we choose?


Next we found the grown up.

Which number were they wearing?


Then we made a sum?


Did you know that:

Mrs Creedon + Mrs Head = 8

Double Miss Brook = 4


Can you work out these sums?

Miss Evans + Miss Girardi = ?

Mrs Taylor + Mrs Head = ?

Double Mrs Creedon = ?


We created and solved lots of sums!!!

What a fun way to practise adding

numbers together...

We liked the grown ups T-Shirts so much

that we made our own...

We wore them when we did PE...

We even printed numbers in our books...

We made some delicious number

shaped biscuits...


We counted sweets to decorate our biscuits.

Yum, yum...

We even used numbers at snack time!!!


Can you guess how many pieces of fruit we used to make our fruit kebabs?

We used fruit to practise our bonds of 10.

We have been practising

WALT's challenge.


He challenged us to write our numbers correctly ALL of the time!

He even delivered books for us to

practise writing our numbers in!

We left our books out overnight for

WALT to see.

If WALT was impressed he stuck a sticker

in our books.

If he wanted us to practise our number formation a little bit more, he wrote that number in yellow.

We practised some more and then put our

books out again.


Was he impressed this time?


Yes he was...

We collected natural materials...

Then we made numbers...

We practised ordering our numbers too...


Still image for this video

And backwards…

Still image for this video

We have also played number games on the BIG junior playground!


How many children can you count

in the hoops?


We did a counting relay race...

And played human number splat!

We used the super soakers to squirt

number words!

Counting has been really good fun this week!


Did you know that in Reception we count to 100 in 1's, 2's and 10's!!!


Click on the links below if you fancy

having a go...

Count to 100 in 1's.

Counting in 2's.

Count in 10's...

This week the Helpwr Heddiw's were...

This week's merit badges go to...

Da iawn pawb!

We had some unexpected visitors

this week too...

Number week has been BRILLIANT!!!