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Week 4 and 5...

We have really enjoyed looking after

the chicks.


Each day we would let them have a little

run around!!!


They were VERY funny...

Whilst the chicks were running around we would clean their 'brooder', make their bed and fill up their water and food...

Unfortunately some of them needed a

little EXTRA help!

This became known as a 'bottom bath'

and a 'foot spa'...

wink wink wink wink

The chicks were getting really BIG and

were becoming a bit large for the 'brooder', so the farmer came and took them

back to his farm.

Before they went we were all able to

give them one last cuddle...

The weather was so kind to us on

PE day that we took it


We love the sunshine…

Still image for this video

We also welcomed some visitors into

work with us...


First we welcomed the

'National Dance Company of Wales'.


We all participated in a dance workshop...

First we warmed up…

Still image for this video

Things soon got a little faster…

Still image for this video

Next we worked in teams to create STILLS...

We all had a GREAT time!!!

We also welcomed PC Rhys into school.

He told us ALL about his job!

Lastly we received a letter from an ALIEN!!!

He wants us to tell him all about 

'Life at Ton yr Ywen'.


What shall we tell him?

What would he like to know?

How will we put it all together?


First we went off to explore the school...


Now we have decided that we would like

to make a film about 

'Life at Ton Yr Ywen'

and then send it via Satellite

to the alien...


Watch this space!!!!

We hope all you lovely mums had a fabulous mother's day.

We really enjoyed making you an

upcycled gift...

We hope you liked them too!

Don't forget that there is an

EASTER EGG HUNT after school on

Wednesday 6th April.


If your child is in 'After School Club',

they can still take part. 

If you let Mrs Creedon know she will coordinate with ASC.


The cost of the hunt is £2 per entry.


Many thanks.


Have a lovely weekend.