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Week 4...

What a mixie dixie week we have had!


First it was 'Bank Holiday' and then

it was INSET...

This week has been 'Kindness Week'.


We have been being KIND to the EARTH!

Even the Enchanted Goblin knew that it

was KINDNESS week...

Listen to what he had to say...

Still image for this video

 We also had a very special delivery...


Some 'enchanted eggs' appeared in

our classroom!


We guessed what we thought they would be...

Will they be dinosaurs?

Will they be butterflies?

Will they be swans?

Will they be turtles?

Or will they be chicks?


Still image for this video

One of our chicks had a poorly leg.


Mr Griffiths and Mrs Constantinou

came to the rescue!


 They made a special splint for the chick...

All the chicks are now happy together

in their brooder box!

Dave is now looking much

happier and healthier...


Thank you Vet Constantinou

and Vet Griffiths!

We talked about how we could be kind

the Earth...


We decided that we would build a bug hotel for all the insects in our garden!

We went hunting into the woods for

materials for our bug hotel...

We made bird feeders for the birds!


We hope lots of different birds will come and

visit us in our garden...

We planted lots of different flowers!


We planted flowers for the top of our

bug hotel...

One of our KIND families gave us a


We planted it near our bug hotel!

Did you know that BEES like this plant...

We planted lots of sunflower seeds for our special 'Sunflower Garden'...