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Week 2...

This week we have been busy celebrating 'Remembrance Day'...


Look at the fantastic POPPIES that

we created!!!

The grown ups are going to use them to

make a display...

We have also been busy doing

firework maths.


Did you know that people set off fireworks when they are celebrating 


This week we have been learning

about 2D shapes.

We used 2D shapes to make rockets...

First we used paintbrushes, glitter and

paint to create SPLAT fireworks...

Then we used scissors to cut out 2D shapes. 

Look how busy we were...

Some of us find cutting out quite tricky.

This would be a great skill to

practise at home!

Snip, snip...

Here are the songs for you to practise too...

Jolly Phonics Songs

Next week we will be using our sounds

to help us with our writing.


We will be writing about our BONFIRE celebrations.


What will be our favourite part of

the celebration?

Do you like our bonfires that we made using our handprints?


Did you know that when you mix red and yellow it makes orange?

Have a lovely weekend...