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Warm Up!


It's time to warm up those

mathematical brains again...


Are you ready?


No sitting down today, let's see you

up on your feet and ready to exercise...


Ready, steady, go!!!

Count Together by 10's.

What is our WALT today?

Today We Are Learning To

to add and take away.

For this challenge you will need: -

a dice

cards (1-9 and a king)

+ and - signs in a hat




(Grown Ups - bigger numbers can be used for those children who would like a trickier challenge. Instead of playing cards simply use number cards - thank you.)

Challenge Set…

Still image for this video

Extra Challenge...

If you look carefully at the photograph

below you can see one of our

Reception friends playing a

number game...

Can you see some numbers

written on the path?


Why don't you play this game to

help you remember which numbers

are odd and which are even...


For this game you will need some

numbers and a grown ups BIG voice.


 The grown up needs to shout the word



You need to jump on a number

that is either odd or even.




Can you remember what the monkey's

in the video said?


An even number ends in 0,2,4,6,8.

An odd number ends in 1,3,5,7,9.


One of our friends has remembered!

Great job!!!

yes yes yes

If there is a 2 at the end…

Still image for this video

There has been a request for some more 'colour by number' activities.


Please click on the link below for some

sheets that reinforce today's WALT.


These can be collected from the school office if required.


Have a great day!