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Warm up

Can you remember ALL of your

Curly Caterpillar, One Armed Robot and Long Ladder letters?


Before you watch the videos below your challenge is to list as many

Curly Caterpillar, One Armed Robot and Long Ladder letters as you can...'


Can you remember them all?


Grown ups - For this activity you will need some sort of writing tool. This could be chalk, paint, flour, a pen ect



We have one more group of letters to learn...

These are your Zig Zag Letters

Your challenge today is to practise writing your Zig Zag Letters. 


How are you going to practise yours?

Will you write them in sand? Use a pen and paper? Maybe you could make your own gloop?



Extra Challenge!

Now you have practised all 26 letters, Can you create your own 'alphabet arc' containing ALL of your letters, making sure that they are all formed correctly?

Don't forget to send a picture of your Alphabet Arc to Miss Cook or Mrs Creedon so that they can see your wonderful work! 

Happy Writing!