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Warm Up!


Let's warm up our mathematical brains...


When you are ready click on the link below.

A number will be generated!

How loud can you say it?

How many numbers do you recognise?


(Grown Ups - feel free to reset the generator to include higher numbers.) 


Ready, Steady, Go...

What is our WALT today?

We Are Learning To recognise which numbers

are odd and which numbers are even...

Now that your brains are warmed up,

sit back relax and listen to the

monkey's explaining what odd and even numbers are...


Make sure you are listening carefully!!!


(Grown Ups - There is a game and quiz underneath the video that can be

played after the challenges below...)

Challenge Set…

Still image for this video

Extra Challenges...


If you have a printer you can print out the odd and even sheet below.


There are copies of this challenge in the school office if anybody needs one!


Any difficulties please e-mail Mrs Creedon.

How about playing this game to help you recognise odd and even numbers?


You will have to be quick...