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Warm Up 

Lets start by warming up our brains....wipe the sleep out of your eyes...give your mouth a big stretch...

Ready, Steady, GO!

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Have you seen that in Mrs Creedon's special days diary on Thursday it is

'Make a mini pizza'



Later this week the grown ups are going to set you a special writing challenge that involves pizzas! 


But, before we do this we need to practise lots of our skills that we need for our writing...



Part 1

When we write our words we need to make sure that we can sound them out....


Can you have a go at this game - sounding out and blending all of the letters?


We have learnt all of the sounds in Phase 2 and 3..

How many can you remember?


Part 2

You will need a pen and paper or whiteboard and pen for this next challenge....

Now you have practised sounding out your words it is time to practise writing them. 


Pick a sound from Phase 2 or 3 on the Sound Sayer board.

How many words can you think of that start with that sound?

Can you write them all down?


If you want to challenge yourself, why not choose a blend.

How many words can you think of that contain the blend at the start, middle or end?

Why not start with the blends

'ee' or 'ow'


Don't forget to send your list of words to Miss Cook or Mrs Creedon.We can't wait to see how many words you can come up with...