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Pupil Voice

Griff-Can we make a poster to tell people to put their rubbish in the bin/finding out how to use less gas/electric

Layla-We could count the vehicles that drive past our school (tallies)

Minah/Lily-We could make signs to go outside of the front of the school to encourage children to walk/scooter/park/stride/bike

Oscar-I would like to learn about what trees do for you.

Zosia-I would like to find out how old a tree is without cutting it down.

Harry B/Henry W - Pick up litter

Albie - Why doesn’t an electric car pollute the environment?

Griff - What happens at rubbish dumps

Maggie - We could make recycling into other things

Bella - What happens to rubbish in the sea?

Eryn - How does rubbish get washed onto the beach?

Maggie -Can we go on a litter pick to the beach?

Griff - How does an electric car work?

Violet - How fast can an electric car go?

Jack - Ask people not to throw litter in the sea

Kelsie - We could count how much rubbish we find.

Olivia - Sort the rubbish that we find.

Elizabeth - Have planet protectors?

Olivia - We could give our clothes and toys to other people.

Noah - Do aeroplanes pollute the air?

Maggie - Measure how much pollution comes out of aeroplanes.

Violet - Measure how far the rubbish travels.

Albie - What happens when oil leaks out of ships?

Eryn - What happens to smoke when it goes into the air.

Lui - How does rubbish get recycled?

Kelsie- Do we use too many aeroplanes?