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Parent Forum

Parent forum meetings are held termly after school. All parents are welcome to come along. The headteacher, deputy head and school governors are there to listen to any feedback parents have about school life and to answer questions. The aim of the meetings is to find out what we are doing well and what areas need improvement. All feedback is welcomed.


The last parent forum meeting was held on 25/2/20. 12 parents attended and 4 governors. We are grateful to all those who came along. The agenda for the meeting was:

1) Progress against our Estyn recommendations

2) Home-school communication

3) Behaviour management

4) Family Quiz - Fri 28th Feb

4) Any other business 


Mr Griffiths, the headteacher, shared a 1-page summary of the progress the school has made against its Estyn recommendations. Overall the school's challenge advisers believe we have made strong progress and are ready to show Estyn the clear improvements to the school. (See below for a copy of this document)


Mrs Luke, the vice chair of governors shared the results of the recent home-school communication survey, carried out during parents' evenings. The survey showed that many parents are making good use of Schoop, the school website and Twitter and have enough information about school life. Some parents asked for more notice of activities that require them to get things, e.g. fancy dress and more information about the things the children learn about in class. (See below for full details)


Mr Griffiths also talked about the school's Behaviour Management Policy and the positive changes brought about, particularly in Years 4 and 5 to bring about improvements.


Comments from parents were largely positive and those present recognised the improvements in the life of the school. There was general agreement that the school needed to publicise its success more widely and regularly. 


Minutes of Meeting

Meeting commenced 6pm


Headteacher, Mr David Griffiths. Deputy Headteacher, Victoria Scale-Constantinou,  Chair of Governors, Cllr Graham Hinchey. Vice Chair of Governors, Julia Luke. Cllr Lyn Hudson, Governor.


Number of parents in attendance: 12 (including 1 parent governor).


Led by Headteacher, Mr David Griffiths

Minuted by Victoria Scale-Constantinou



Key points- 

  • Notice for parents for events/ fancy dress/ meetings not always sufficient. Parents need more notice.

  • Schoop not always working well - alerts do noy always come through.

  • Some messages sent via Schoop are not clear and therefore can confuse parents.

  1. Behaviour -

  • HT asked parents whether children have mentioned the school rules?  - no

  • HT asked if children come home talking about rewards > parents said YES - very much so, they enjoy being rewarded. Merit badges are popular. Two parents mentioned that the Dojo weekly prize motivates their child as the same children seem to win it. 

  • HT asked whether children came home and talked about sanctions > Parents replied that their children would talk about what sanctions other children receive. 

  1. AOB

  • Parent said that changing to TYY has changed the family’s life and that it has been a ‘ breath of fresh air’. Communication is fantastic. 

  • Parent wanted to acknowledge the progress that has been made by all staff over last 18m since inspection and nice to see that it is paying off.

  • Cover teaching/ use of supply teachers  - seems to be quite frequent in certain year groups. Parents would appreciate communication about who is covering and why. 

  • Parents said that when they were told about changes to teachers or absence in advance then this was very much appreciated. 


The Chair of Governors thanked staff and school for the hard work and progress that has been made. Cllr Hinchey mentioned positive changes to SLT and Governing Body. 


Next parent forum will focus on New Curriculum and Estyn date TBC


Parent Questions (Q) and Comments (C) 


Q: What is happening with the volunteer database?

A: The list of volunteers has been shared with staff. A parent has offered to try to help school coordinate volunteers.


Q: Have we compared ourselves against other schools (re communication)?

A: Not as yet, that may be the next stage in the process.


C: There is sometimes over-duplication of messages and, although lovely, more coloured paper going home than necessary at times. However the year groups  are very good at feeding back about what they do - very good communication. 


C: Communication is excellent from some year groups. Plenty of notice and reminders.


C: WhatsApp  Groups (run by parents, not school) seems to fill a void , especially over the weekend and because there is no response function for parents. 


C: Make communication as simple and quick as possible 


C: The parents from Y4 and Y5 felt that their children have felt better and that they can tell things have been dealt with. More positive. 


C: Y5 have had a difficult time with changes in teachers over the last 2 years which has meant inconsistency of messages. 


C: School should continue to try to get the positive message out to more parents


C: Parent suggested a pupil newspaper to share good news with parents



  • School to put presentation from Parent Forum on website for parents to be able to access - done

  • School to consider revamping School Newsletter 

  • Vice Chair of Governors (Julia Luke) Set up a working party of parents and teachers re communication to set up some protocols around communication. 

  • School to send out a Schoop to ask parents to volunteer for communication working group 

  • School to put school rules up on website separately and sent out on Schoop and on paper - done

  • School to behaviour policy on the website and send a Schoop to alert parents to that fact that it is there. 

  • School to re-share PPA/ cover arrangements to parents (for example if teachers are off on a course or at a football tournament). 

  • School to continue to try to pre-empt communication issues re changes of teachers and let parents know.  



Future meetings


The next parent forum meetings are planned for:


Mon 27th April (6pm) - Class 3BG

Thu 11th June (6pm) - Class 3BG