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TYY wins the Cardiff INSPIRE AWARD



Congratulations TYY- we have won the Cardiff INSPIRE AWARD!


The Inspire Awards celebrate children, young people and adults who have the courage and strength of character to stand up for and/or befriend others who are being bullied, taunted, isolated and ignored by others. 


These acts of kindness towards others often go unrecognised but make all the difference to the lives of the people they help.


The purpose of the Inspire Awards is an opportunity to say thank you to those who contribute positively in some way to the happiness, acceptance and security of others within schools and  communities.


It honours these individuals or groups because they are important in making our schools and communities safer, more respectful and more caring places to live, work, learn and play.


Nominations can be for individuals or teams who have portrayed one or more of the following criteria:


  • Demonstrated one act of outstanding or exceptional kindness towards others.
  • Consistently shows acts of kindness towards others for example making new pupils feel welcome, helping those who may have been bullied or left out, and providing a helping hand to those in need.
  • Implemented new schemes or ideas which have improved the quality of life for others, for example supported the development or peer support schemes in schools, provided activities to support those in need, developed a project to raise awareness of bullying and prevent inequality and bullying behaviours.
  • Enhanced the quality of life of others by showing kindness.


We are delighted that the efforts of children , parents & families, staff, governors and the local community during our Random Acts of Kindness Event has been recognised by this award.


Well done everyone!