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Kitchen Refurbishment

During the Summer holiday, Cardiff Council will begin work to completely refurbish our main kitchen, which serves school dinners to our children. This is a major project and will involve:


1) Completely remodelling the serving area so the children have much more space to move around in and the kitchen staff can display the food more effectively.

2) Fitting new flooring, ceiling and energy efficient lights.

3) Redecorating all areas of the kitchen.

4) Fitting new kitchen units and equipment.


The estimated completion date for the work is late October/early November. During the work, there will be fences around the kitchen to keep the area safe, a site unit for the workers and a storage container. This will reduce the number of parking spaces in our car park. 


The children will still be able to have hot school dinners in the canteen whilst the construction work is going on. The meals will be cooked off-site by our own cook and transported to school in special containers to keep them hot. This already happens in a number of schools which don't have their own kitchens. In fact, the Ton Yr Ywen kitchen used to cook food for a number of other schools in the area. 


We appreciate that there will be some disruption to our normal school routine but we will benefit from a much improved kitchen once the work is done. We will provide further updates as the project continues.