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End of Year Reports

Children will be bringing home their end of year reports on Wed 13th July. All children will receive a narrative report describing their progress in the different learning areas (infants) or National Curriculum subjects (juniors). This report describes what the children know and can do using the language of the curriculum. This report also includes some targets for the children in the 'way forward' boxes. These are things that parents could help their children with at home.


Children in Years 2 to 6 will also receive a report which includes their National Test results. Guidance for parents is included with the report.

For each of the 3 National Test the children will receive a Standardised Score. These range from 70 to 140. Two thirds of children score somewhere between 85 and 115. 

  • Scores below 85 indicate a child may need additional support in this subject.
  • Scores between 85 and 115 indicate the child is performing at the expected level for their age.
  • Scores above 115 indicate that the child is performing above the expected level for their age.


These reports also includes visual charts which show the child's progress over time. We expect to see some variation in the position of the crosses from year to year. This is to be expected as very few children make perfectly linear progress in their learning. However, a sudden drop in performance may indicate a problem which needs addressing. 


More information about what these scores mean is available on the Welsh Governments website. There is a useful video you can watch. Here is the link:


Finally, children in Years 2 and 6 will receive a report showing their end of stage outcomes (infants) or levels (juniors).

For Year 2 children,

  • Outcome 4 – below the expected level (may need additional support)
  • Outcome 5 – at the expected level for their age
  • Outcome 6 – above the expected level

For Year 6 children,

  • Level 3 – below the expected level (may need additional support)
  • Level 4 – at the expected level for their age
  • Level 5 – above the expected level


If you have any questions about your child’s school report, please make an appointment to discuss it with your child’s teacher.