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Class DoJo

We use Class Dojo in Years 1 to 6. This is a classroom based behaviour management system where the children win Dojo points for positive behaviours (e.g. being helpful, tidying up) and occasionally lose points for negative behaviours(e.g. distracting others, shouting out). The points are reset weekly. The system focuses on classroom behaviours. It is not used for more serious problems like swearing, fighting, name calling, etc. These are dealt with separately by senior staff.


We only use the children’s first names for Class Dojo. The system is purely for internal classroom use between the teacher and the children. We do not share the information with anyone beyond the class. The information on the class is reset at the end of the year and not transferred anywhere. Class DoJo does have additional functionality to create home/school links, etc but we do not make use of this, partly because of GDPR problems.


If a child is involved in a more serious behaviour incident then senior staff record this within our School Information Management system(SIMS). This information does stay attached to the child’s school record. We contact parents when children are involved in more serious incidents. We also use this system to record the children’s academic results, e.g. test results. We share these results with parents during open evenings and in end of term reports. Parents can request to see any pupil data that we hold. Classteachers are happy to share any academic or pastoral information with parents or legal guardians on request.