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Materials - 19/03/21


WALT left us a new I Wonder bag that was full of different foods...

The ice lollies were still liquid so we had to put them in the freezer...

Some things had to go in the fridge

We helped to find lots of materials to set up the classroom and thought of words we could use to describe them.

Look at all the natural materials we found...

What words could you use to describe them?

We played with rice, spaghetti and lots of different materials we found in the classroom.

We made 'Angel Delight' and jelly for snack and talked about the way that they changed as we made them.

We used the words 'dissolve' and 'set' to talk about the jelly!

To finish our materials week we played with foods that stretch, squash, break and talked about what we could feel.


We also explored different materials and textures with our FEET!

We walked and ran over different grasses, a gel pad, lino...


The jelly was VERY slippery!!! 

We enjoyed PE with the new Mrs Davies, lots of planting and watering the garden and lots and lots of playing!!!