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Look at what we have been doing whilst in isolation at home!

Challenge 1 - The Story Challenge!


We listened to the story

'Katie and the Sunflowers'.


Katie went to a museum and

liked the painting

SUNFLOWERS by Vincent Van Gogh.


The grown ups challenged us to create

our own sunflowers.


What do you think of our creations?

Challenge 2 - The Symmetry Challenge!


This week we have been learning

about SYMMETRY...


Symmetry is when something is the

same on both sides.


We investigated symmetry by doing

BLOB paintings!!!

Then we created SYMMETRICAL faces...

Wow just look at all of our

symmetrical creations...


Can you see what we used to create them?

NUTS challenged us to play some math's games on the computer...


Let's see who took up his challenge?

We completed daily maths and phonics challenges too...

Phonics and Literacy Challenges!


On Tuesday we had to choose a sound

from the Sound Sayer board and

write as many words as we could

beginning with that sound.


Some of us challenged ourselves and

choose a blend...


Look at all of the words that

we thought of...

On Wednesday we were challenged to

write our ZIG ZAG letters.

Now that we know how to write

all of our letters we were

challenged to create an



Just look at our creations!!!

On Thursday it was

'Make a Mini Pizza Day!'


Guess what we did?

Yum, yum, yum...

On Friday we wrote the instructions

for making our pizza!!!

Maths Challenges!


On Tuesday we learned all about

odd and even numbers...

An odd and even shop!!!


We can't wait to borrow this

idea in school...

Can you remember the rule?

If there is...

Still image for this video

Is it odd or even?

Still image for this video

On Wednesday we played a game

to practise adding and taking away...

On Thursday we combined maths and PE.

We had to solve mathematical problems

and then make a warm up circuit for

Sports Day!!!


Just look at this for a circuit...

Are you ready?

Still image for this video

On Friday we practised

reading number words!


This was a tricky challenge...

We warmed up by playing number splat!!!

Splat, splat, splat...

Still image for this video

We also celebrated some special days!!!

Tuesday was 'Trampoline Tuesday'...

Oh Mrs Creedon!!!

Still image for this video

Amazing Rolls!!!

Still image for this video

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Still image for this video

How High Can You Go?

Still image for this video

Up, Up and Away…

Still image for this video

No Trampoline Needed...

Still image for this video

Wednesday was

'Play Songs to Make You

Jump Around Day'...

Jump, Jump...

Still image for this video

Jump, Jump, Jump...

Still image for this video

Cute Partner Mrs T!!!

Still image for this video

Great Moves!!!

Still image for this video

Round and Round…

Still image for this video

Thursday was 'Make a Mini Pizza Day'...

Friday was 'Chocolate Pudding Day'...

Look at what else we have been doing

to keep ourselves busy!!!

Well done EVERYONE,

you have been absolutely amazing

this week!!


We can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!