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I Spy and Party - 26/03/21

We were VERY excited to start our BRAND NEW context

"I Spy..."

We know that we see with our eyes so we all looked carefully at our eyes and drew them to make a border for our new display!

Look at our giant magnifying glass!!


We set up an "I Spy..." area...

We had "I Spy..." snack - we found bananas, blueberries and strawberries hidden in yoghurt!

As well as Big PE, we do 'Little PE' 

in Little PE we look at getting our hands and fingers strong!

We used sensory materials to 'I Spy...'

We found things in porridge oats, rice and jelly!

We also practised our cutting skills to make borders for our windows and explored some 'I spy...' counting jars!

and of course...DOUGH DISCO!

Look at us doing Big PE - we're getting better and better every week!

We had SO MUCH FUN at Mrs Mason's Baby Party!

Put the Dummy on the Baby

Mr Griffiths was keen to make sure that Mrs Mason knew she shouldn't do it with her real baby!

Mrs Mason had lots of presents!

and was VERY emotional!