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Hello Everyone!


We hope that you are ALL safe and well!


We know it is frustrating being at home and not seeing your friends but we will all be back together SOON - we promise!!!


The grown ups, WALT and NUTS have

been busy getting some bits and bobs

ready for the week...


You will be given some weekly challenges to complete as well as some daily maths and phonics challenges too!


Lots of you are already logging

into Bug Club to practise

your reading.  

Great job! wink


If you can't remember your log in details please e-mail Mrs Creedon or Miss Cook.

If you need more books allocated

please e-mail Miss Evans.


Our e-mail addresses are:


Please only message Miss Evans when you have completed ALL of the books allocated.

Thank you smiley

Weekly Challenges...

Challenge 1 - The Story Challenge!


Are you ready to sit back, relax and enjoy one of Mrs Jones' fantastic stories?


We all love a story...


Click on the links below!

Are you sitting comfortably?

Still image for this video

Ready for part 2?

Still image for this video

Challenge Set...

Can you be an artist just like Van Gogh?

Still image for this video

Challenge 2 - Symmetry Challenge!

This week we will be learning about SYMMETRY.


Let's see what Mrs Creedon is up to today...


Let’s talk symmetry!!!

Still image for this video

Let's Match Butterfly Wings!

Challenge set...


Grown Ups - This challenge is a 'hands on exploratory' challenge. It is intended to run over the course of the week and be completed both indoors, outdoors and interactively!


It is not a one hit wonder - the children will need to explore symmetry in a

variety of contexts to truly understand it. In Reception we are looking for the understanding that "Symmetry is when it is the same on both sides..."


At the beginning it might be useful to give your child the line of symmetry to work from - this could be a stick, a line of string, a strip of narrow paper Etc.


Many thanks smiley

Can you create a SYMMETRICAL face

or character using bits and bobs from around your house?


Remember it needs to be SYMMETRICAL...


That is it needs to be the same

on both sides!


Have a look at the ideas below...

How about a symmetrical butterfly?

What about symmetry using

lego or duplo?

Or a symmetrical picture using

natural materials?

We can't wait to see your

SYMMETRICAL creations...


Ask your grown up to email them to

Mrs Creedon or Miss Cook.


We can share them with your friends

when we return to school next Tuesday!

Now that you have practised making symmetrical things, why not play

the games below...

Daily Challenges...

NUTS' Challenge...

NUTS has noticed that we have been starting to talk about 'tens' and 'ones'.


For example the number 18 is made up of

'1 ten and 8 ones'.


He has found this game to help you work on this skill even more...


Good Luck!


(Grown Ups - this is a very new skill and is an introduction of Place Value.

The word 'ones' will be replaced with 'units' once the children become more

confident into splitting numbers into 'tens' and 'ones'.

This game can be set onto different levels - please start on numbers

to 19 and then increase if your child is making good progress.)


Thank you smiley


NUTS has noticed that lots of you like to play these games on the tablets at school.


Why not keep your skills fresh this week?

Just For Fun...

Spread the Happiness...


In school we have been looking at

Mrs Creedon's special diary!!!


We LOVE it as it gets us to celebrate things that make us smile...


This week the challenges are: -


Tuesday is 'Trampoline Tuesday'.


Wednesday is 'Songs to Make

You Jump Around Day'.


Thursday is 'Make a Mini Pizza Day'.


Friday is 'Chocolate Pudding Day'.


How many of these can you join in with?


Don't forget to send us some

photos or videos...


Songs to Make You Jump Around Day!


Click on the links below for some

music to jump around too...

KIDZ BOP Kids - Jump!

Some of the Grown Ups Favourites...



Can you see what one of our Reception friends has been busy doing?

Yes she has been helping to wash the car.

Great job!!!


One of our #50Things is to help a

grown up wash a car.


Why don't you have a go?

Please remember that it is ok to do this on your drive but don't go any further...





Let's see who else has been

completing this challenge...