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Distance Learning

This section contains information which is relevant for families during Covid-19 lockdown periods when children are not able to attend school. We have developed a 'Continuity of Learning' policy to ensure that children can continue their learning whilst at home. 


Our priority as a school is to provide distance learning and support for the children so they have structure, normality and purposeful activities during any enforced absence. We have planned a system of distance learning for our infant and junior children which we hope will accomplish this. We appreciate that it can be very challenging to support your child's learning at home so please ask for help from your child’s teacher if you need it. Staff email addresses are included in the attached documents so you can get in touch.


We have shared usernames and passwords so that all our children can make use of the Hwb online system ( This website has a wealth of resources and tools for the children to use. The junior children in particular will be using this system extensively, particularly the part called J2E (Just too Easy), which we will be using to set their distance learning tasks.  If you are unsure of your child’s username and password, please ask your child’s teacher via email. We have also prepared user guides to help children log on to this system and use the key parts of it. There is also a wealth of help pages on the Hwb system itself. You can find some of these by following the link below.


Teachers of children in Years 2 to Year 6 will be setting daily tasks for the children to complete using the J2E system on Hwb. Full instructions on this can be found below. Teachers will then be monitoring the children’s work and sending feedback messages, so they know how well they have done and how they can improve. There are also a wealth of ready-made resources and activities the children can use independently when they have finished the work the teacher has set. 


Teachers of children in Nursery to Year 1 will set the children more practical and experiential activities. Teachers upload the activities to the school website. We don’t want to have too many computer based activities for the younger children. Parents will be able to email back photos or videos of the things the children create. 



Continuity of Learning Policy